Freitag, 6. Februar 2015

Tales of Zestiria: Scenario arc

Well, not only. I will have to address the Japanese fandom problem here but I will go into deep spoiler territory for the game so read at your own risk below the cut.

First though, I forgot some things in the previous entry. I was so focused on stating my opinion regarding points others called weak or even awful, I forgot to leave a few words on the stuff that is good and no one can convince me otherwise.

Most importantly, the music. I've loved Shiina Go's soundtrack of Legendia A LOT and also his few tracks in the Radiant Mythology game so I was pretty hyped to hear he'd contribute to Zestiria (I still haven't played God Eater but someday I will. The music is too good to miss out). And I was not disappointed, his tracks are amazing, probably even more epic than Legendia's.
But it's not just him, I loved many Sakuraba tracks in the game as well. Lots of them gave me Eternal Sonata/Trusty Bell vibes which has always been my favorite soundtrack composed by him.
The normal battle themes are rather plain but I don't remember not liking any track (expect for a short passage of a bonus one maybe xD)
I think this might become my favorite Tales of soundtrack and I do not regret ordering it in any way.

As for the Opening, I'm personally not very fond of it. The parts I read of the lyrics were quite fitting for the game but it's not something I will listen to a lot. It's just my preference though, I know many love it.
The visuals were a bit underwhelming too. The animation quality is top-notch, as expected from Ufotable, but it feels like there is just random fighting in the OP instead of foreshadowing the game's plot :/ At least they included most side characters.

I mentioned this before but I think the ingame graphics are beautiful. I personally prefer half of the main cast in anime cutscene style but especially the scenery is quite pretty and doesn't lack diversity. Not only the fields but also cities/towns feel bigger than they did in most Tales before.

I don't really need to compliment the voice acting or complain about costume DLC as these are old news. Might want to add though that Tsuda-san (Zaveid) should speak louder XD
And a recommendation: From the standard setting increase the voices to max and lower the BGM by one. Not necessary early in the game but definitely as you're approaching the end.

Cut now.